Ensuring sustainability and fairness, from farm to retail.

In 2002, we became a founding member of the Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit focused on creating and upholding standards for sustainability in the fiber and materials industry.

As part of the community built by the Textile Exchange, we work side by side with other brands, retailers and suppliers to measure, manage and track our use of sustainable fibers and materials. With this camaraderie and commitment, the Textile Exchange empowers its members to enact sustainable practices in the production and manufacturing processes and to minimize the harmful effects of the textile industry.

With an initial focus on organic cotton, the Textile Exchange has expanded its scope to include other sustainable fibers and materials like lyocell and recycled polyester to help brands and companies expand their sustainability strategies. The Textile Exchange monitors all sectors of the textile supply network, from the farm to finished products.

Sharing the best practices in farming, materials, processing and traceability, the Textile Exchange and its member are able to offset the costs to vulnerable ecosystems around the world affected by the textile industry. With members and organizations from over 25 countries, the Textile Exchange is creating positive global change