Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton is not a new concept, but it’s popularity has grown in recent years as more companies in the fashion industry focus on increasing their sustainability.

Recycled cotton is cotton fabric that has been reverted to cotton fibers so they can be reused in other textile products. Its also known as regenerated, reclaimed or shoddy cotton. To keep things simple, we’ll just stick with recycled cotton.

Recycled cotton is primarily produced from two main sources:


Pre-consumer recycling is material that is generated during the manufacturing process. This includes scraps like yarn, cutting scraps and other fabric by-products.


Post-consumer recycling is clothing, upholstery, towels and other household textiles.

Benefits of Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton offers new life to cutting scraps - even if it’s only products like insulation, mop heads, and rags. Diverting these scraps into functional textiles keeps them out of landfills.

With the use of recycled fibers, the amount of energy, water and dye is also reduced.