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The Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s (CDTC) mission is to complete, promote, and protect the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail by building a diverse trail community, providing up-to-date information to the public, and encouraging the stewardship of the Trail, its corridor and surrounding landscapes. At the foundation of their organization is a commitment to protecting the environment and incorporating sustainable practices into all of their operations. Over time, the CDTC has professionalized and evolved, and in July 2018, they approached us to sponsor the entire CDTC staff with clothing. At Aventura and Ecōths we proudly invest in sustainability practices and do our part in protecting our planet. The CDTC was looking specifically for a clothing company with sustainably-made, long-lasting, and functional materials for staff to wear at all of the public-facing events they host or participate in each year, and a company that shared similar values and practices as the CDTC. Aventura and Ecōths meet all of their desired requirements in a clothing sponsor, all while still keeping CDTC staff looking cohesive, professional, and in clothing that they enjoy wearing both on and off the job. The CDTC and the team here at Aventura and Ecōths are thrilled to be partnered as we both continue in our commitment to protecting our planet.

To learn more about the CDTC and their mission, please visit: www.continentaldividetrail.org