Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors represent Aventura not only through wearing and sharing our products,
but by living a lifestyle full of passion for family, friends, community and environment.

Ambassador 2019 - Amber Constant

Amber Constant

Quote: I want to make everyday a chance to embrace the moment, whether it's adventuring with my family, being mom to my three kids or helping a client feel confident about herself! Being comfortable in my own skin wherever I am and helping others see their own unique beauty is living the #aventuralife.”
Ambassador 2019 - Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller

Quote: Aventura inspires me with their sustainable mission and commitment to helping their community. I strive to live the #aventuralife everyday by supporting women and families across the country and encouraging others to find joy in the little things, even if it’s just a fabulous plaid shirt.

Ambassador 2019 - Karen Ung

Karen Ung

Quote: I live the #AventuraLife by walking or cycling as much as possible, practicing the 3R's and Leave No Trace, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, and volunteering at my children's school. I love working with Aventura Clothing as its values align with my own! 

Ambassador 2019 - Katrina Rose

Katrina Rose

Quote: The Aventura Life is something I live everyday. Choosing joy and passion in my everyday life in the smallest moments through my wardrobe and being active is so important to me. I want to teach my family that being successful means being aware of our surroundings and environment, and giving back to the community. Partnering with a company who shares those values is so exciting.

Ambassador 2019 - Kristin Fields

Kristin Fields

Quote: I'm enjoying an #aventuralife by embracing an active lifestyle and advocating for safer & sustainable products, every chance I get. As a mom, that means modeling healthy habits, finding brands we believe in, and encouraging my daughters to be brave and embrace new experiences. As an Ambassador, that means getting to share Aventura's mission and philosophy with those I love most.

Ambassador 2019 - laura Bambrick

Laura Bambrick

Quote: I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Aventura as an ambassador this year! I have long admired Aventura's mission of empowering others by doing good. I try to empower and inspire women to feel confident in themselves through my blog and my weekly Confident Twosday linkup. As a mother, I try to instill self confidence in my daughters daily. I also try live the #aventuralife by teaching my daughters (and myself) to live in the present!

Ambassador 2019 - Leepa Mittal

Leepa Mittal

Quote: I live the #aventuralife by traveling and always being on the lookout for new adventures. I am happy to be a part of the Aventura family and love that it’s eco-friendly, sustainable and Fair Trade!

Ambassador 2019 - Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

Quote: Integrity. That’s what #AventuraLife means to me. I want to leave a better planet for my children. I believe corporate integrity is paramount and know that every person can make a difference. Aventura exemplifies the principles I aspire to in my business, with my family, and every aspect of my life.

Ambassador 2019 - Madelyn Reiff

Madelyn Reiff

Quote: My life consists of showing people that they can be passionate about many things. None of us fit into a simple mold, and I encourage and empower people to never stop discovering who they are or what they love. Life is too short to get stuck in trying to be who other people want us to be, and I live out that truth daily in hopes that it will encourage others to do the same.

Ambassador 2019 - Monica Ortega

Monica Ortega

Quote: I am living an #AventuraLife by showing people that facing your fears and pushing out of your comfort zone is worth the risk! I started my travel series to inspire others to get out and go on adventures and show that if I can do it, anyone can!

Ambassador 2019 - Stephanie Ferguson

Stephanie Ferguson

Quote: I live the #aventuralife every day by diving into a world of ethical and slow fashion, as well as constantly exploring a sense of adventure. I am passionate about supporting smaller businesses, connecting with women about their confidence, helping our planet one small step at a time, living a more simplistic life and enjoying the now, especially in the outdoors. Aventura inspires me with their sustainable mission and a commitment to giving to the community!

Ambassador 2019 - Stefany and James Adinaro

The Fit RV - Stefany and James Adinaro

Quote: James and I are RVers and fitness pros, and we work to promote a more healthful and active RV lifestyle. To us, that’s a big part of the Aventura Life; exploring, living healthy, and having incredible adventures... all while treading lightly and thoughtfully as we go.


#Aventuralife Alumni

Past Ambassadors who are still part of our Aventura family

Ambassador 2019 - Amy Whitley

Amy Whitley

Quote: I try to live the #AventuraLife by remaining open to adventure. I try to say 'yes' when perhaps I really mean 'maybe': want to go backpacking in December? Yes! Want to ski six peaks in one day? Yes! Want to fly in a tiny plane, travel solo to a country you've never been, and climb a cliff via rope cable? Yes, yes, and wait...what? Okay, so I almost always say yes!

Ambassador 2019 - Erin Mohring

Erin Mohring

Quote: My #AventuraLife is an active, family-first lifestyle! We love running and traveling, so having cute, comfortable, quality clothing is important to me as I keep up with our three boys during all our adventures! Aventura has me covered in style for everything from hiking to date nights!

Ambassador 2019 - Heather Mundt

Heather Mundt

Quote: I live the #aventuralife by following my mantra of Get outside. Do something new. Explore. Don't be afraid to be you!

Ambassador 2019 - Mary Hunnicutt

Mary Hunnicutt

Quote: I live the #Aventura life by trying to simplify my life and re-purpose what I have on hand. I enjoy being in nature and have been learning to be more aware of buying eco-friendly products.