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Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors represent Aventura not only through wearing and sharing our products,
but by living a lifestyle full of passion for family, friends, community and environment.

Ambassador 2020 - Carrie Albrecht

Carrie Albrecht

Quote: I live the #AventuraLife by always working on being the best version of myself I can be as a wife, mom, friend and colleague. I continue to challenge myself, whether it be the marathon I completed or by giving myself grace when I need it. My motto is progress over perfection and Aventura helps me achieve this with their comfortable yet stylish options.”
Ambassador 2019 - laura Bambrick

Laura Bambrick

Quote: I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Aventura as an ambassador this year! I have long admired Aventura's mission of empowering others by doing good. I try to empower and inspire women to feel confident in themselves through my blog and my weekly Confident Twosday linkup. As a mother, I try to instill self confidence in my daughters daily. I also try live the #aventuralife by teaching my daughters (and myself) to live in the present!

Ambassador 2019 - Amber Constant

Amber Constant

Quote: I want to make everyday a chance to embrace the moment, whether it's adventuring with my family, being mom to my three kids or helping a client feel confident about herself! Being comfortable in my own skin wherever I am and helping others see their own unique beauty is living the #aventuralife.
Ambassador 2019 - Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller

Quote: Aventura inspires me with their sustainable mission and commitment to helping their community. I strive to live the #aventuralife everyday by supporting women and families across the country and encouraging others to find joy in the little things, even if it’s just a fabulous plaid shirt.

Ambassador 2019 - Katrina Rose

Katrina Rose

Quote: The Aventura Life is something I live everyday. Choosing joy and passion in my everyday life in the smallest moments through my wardrobe and being active is so important to me. I want to teach my family that being successful means being aware of our surroundings and environment, and giving back to the community. Partnering with a company who shares those values is so exciting.

Ambassador 2019 - Stefany and James Adinaro

The Fit RV - Stefany and James Adinaro

Quote: James and I are RVers and fitness pros, and we work to promote a more healthful and active RV lifestyle. To us, that’s a big part of the Aventura Life; exploring, living healthy, and having incredible adventures... all while treading lightly and thoughtfully as we go.


#Aventuralife Alumni

Past Ambassadors who are still part of our Aventura family

Ambassador 2019 - Amy Whitley

Amy Whitley

Quote: I try to live the #AventuraLife by remaining open to adventure. I try to say 'yes' when perhaps I really mean 'maybe': want to go backpacking in December? Yes! Want to ski six peaks in one day? Yes! Want to fly in a tiny plane, travel solo to a country you've never been, and climb a cliff via rope cable? Yes, yes, and wait...what? Okay, so I almost always say yes!

Ambassador 2019 - Erin Mohring

Erin Mohring

Quote: My #AventuraLife is an active, family-first lifestyle! We love running and traveling, so having cute, comfortable, quality clothing is important to me as I keep up with our three boys during all our adventures! Aventura has me covered in style for everything from hiking to date nights!

Ambassador 2019 - Heather Mundt

Heather Mundt

Quote: I live the #aventuralife by following my mantra of Get outside. Do something new. Explore. Don't be afraid to be you!

Ambassador 2019 - Mary Hunnicutt

Mary Hunnicutt

Quote: I live the #Aventura life by trying to simplify my life and re-purpose what I have on hand. I enjoy being in nature and have been learning to be more aware of buying eco-friendly products.