Aventura is Rooted in Sustainability

From design to production, we think about our clothing’s footprint.

Design meeting with Kathleen and Alyson in 2021.Design meeting with Kathleen and Alyson in 2021.
Design meeting with Kathleen and Alyson in 2021.

Aventura was born embracing goals towards a greener planet by weaving alternative fabrics into our plans for a new, fresh, and vibrant women’s lifestyle brand. 

Aventura Clothing was built to redefine sustainable clothing and give consumers the option to look good and feel even better. Organic cotton, featured in 20% of the premiere styles, was the star of our first season launch of Aventura Clothing in 2006.

Since then, the supply chain has been built up and more companies are using organically sourced cotton. We're happy to see the growth of sustainability in our industry and we are proud to have been at the forefront. While we can’t say we're perfect, we can say that we've made incredible progress towards sustainability!

Aventura green leaf icon.Aventura green leaf icon.

Explore the different fabrics we use in our collections.

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Organic cotton is estimated to save 2,180 liters of water for just one pair of jeans compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton also reduces CO2 emissions and energy use and eliminates toxic chemicals that affect soil, precious ecosystems, and food and water supply.

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Recycled polyester is most often produced from PET plastic bottles, but can also be made from other post-consumer plastics such as ocean waste, discarded polyester textiles, or from pre-consumer processing residues such as fabric scraps.

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We introduced LENZING™ products at Aventura in 2019 because we saw the great potential of this brand to create incredibly soft, silky fiber that significantly reduces its ecological footprint.

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Quick growing and requiring minimal inputs, hemp has been a favored fiber since 8000 BC.

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The BCI™ (Better Cotton Initiative) is a global non-profit organization that promotes sustainable cotton production through education.

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We source the majority of our wool yarn from UPW, a company that is certified by Textile Exchange with the Responsible Wool Standard.

Fair Trade Certified Factory Icon.Fair Trade Certified Factory Icon.

Fair Trade Certified™

 In 2017, we partnered with Fair Trade USA to ensure we matched our sustainable fabrics with a commitment to sustainable livelihoods for our manufacturing partners.

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Recycled cotton is a cotton fabric that has been reverted to cotton fibers so that they can be reused in other textile products.

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