Conscious Origins

Conscious Origins

Since our inception in 2006, Aventura Clothing has upheld a continued commitment to create clothing with Conscious Origins.
It has always been our mission to make a difference in the fashion industry and to help the Earth, one garment at a time.

We realize the choices we make as a company affect the Earth and people around the world. Our Aventura flower icon illustrates our commitment to using sustainable fabrics, supporting Fair Trade Certified™ factories, and making socially responsible decisions.

These conscious choices may start small, but bloom outwards and grow, effecting positive changes in the fashion industry.


Of all the legacies we can leave our children, we believe the Earth is the most important. From our everyday choices within our offices to our fabrics and factories, we’re on a mission to make sustainability an easy choice. Like ripples, the conscious decisions we make to commit to sustainable and Fair Trade options can have far-reaching effects. Our vision of 100% sustainable product remains our ultimate goal, and with each collection, we get another step closer to reaching it.

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In a rapidly-changing world, we are devoted to building our business on the core values that we hold dear to help guide us in our mission to create clothing with Conscious Origins.

Family in India.

Fair Trade

Our responsibility as an ethical and sustainable company begins with the very first stitch. In 2017, we partnered with Fair Trade USA to ensure we matched our sustainable fabrics with a commitment to sustainable livelihoods for our manufacturing partners. Fair Trade Certified™ factories must follow rigorous social, environmental and economic standards to protect the health and safety of both the workforce and their communities. Fair Trade is the easiest way to do the most good.

Ethical Family Values

Dad knows best. For us, that rings true because we’ve been building our family business on the foundations laid by our father all the way back in 1965. We extend our same ethical and moral principles past our materials and manufacturing practices and put it into action everyday with our family of employees.

We know it would make Dad proud to see the company culture and quality of life we enjoy at Aventura and it’s why for over 50 years, we’ve maintained 100% family ownership to protect that foundation.

Celebrating more than 14 years as a brand is always a significant achievement, but for us, continuing our father’s legacy and making a difference in the world makes it particularly sweet.

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Our Mission

Aventura Clothing is designed for women, by women. By making conscious choices to work with sustainable and low impact fabrics and partnering with Fair Trade Certified™ factories, it is our mission to create beautiful and comfortable women’s clothing. We are committed to providing women with socially and environmentally ethical clothing.