Meet Aventura Ambassador Chrissy R


Chrissy R

As a mom of four boys (currently ranging from 14 to 21), Chrissy needed a fun outlet for her creativity that allowed her feminine side to shine.

This was the initial inspiration behind her blog Granola & Grace. Founded in 2013, she started exploring topics such as clean eating, beauty, and non-toxic products from her home in Florida.

The Sunshine State is a major influence on her style, which she calls "beachy boho."

What is the story behind your Instagram name granola and grace?

Granola and Grace turned into what it is today because of two separate instances:

1). Two women, on separate occasions, cleaned out their well-stocked closets and shared their castoffs with me. Their random acts of kindness kindled a passion for styling outfits with what I had on hand. Though I didn’t feel like a fashionista, I was asked by friends to help them style outfits and organize their closets. From there, I began collaborating with brands. What a blessing!

2). I won a cupcake a day for a year from a local bakery in Georgia. I knew I should not be eating a cupcake a day, so I began to share it with friends, acquaintances, servers at restaurants, gym owners, Aldi cashiers, and the list goes on. Some of these were documented on social media, and more people began to hear about this bakery. My relationship with the owners was so sweet, and at the end of the year, they awarded me "a cupcake a day for life." Then we moved to Florida - ha!

While I have a good handle on what is good for me, I also have a healthy awareness of my shortcomings. That is where grace comes in. I recognize that I'm both inwardly and outwardly flawed. I have received so much grace. I need to not only accept it but also share that grace with others.

You say on your blog that you started your married life in Honduras, what brought you there and how long did you live there? What did you like the most about it?

My husband and I were dating when he had a major career change - from mechanics to ministry. He left for a three-month stay at a school for underserved children in Honduras and returned with a call to serve long-term. When he proposed one month later, I knew that meant a new life in a new country! We lived in Honduras for two years, working with youth and partnering with churches in the beautiful countryside.

What are your favorite parts of living in Florida?

Ocean walks, small town feels with a city vibe, palm trees, a winter that feels like fall, and lots of opportunities to be outside!

What initially drew you to Aventura Clothing?

I noticed Aventura a few years ago and was drawn to your ethical practices and love for family, but I wasn’t sure if we were a style match. However, over the last year, I noticed more and more pieces that looked like “me.” I had the opportunity to try a few items and fell in love. Family values, fair trade production, and sustainable fibers are so important to me, but I love the quality and comfort of the pieces I have the most.

Do you have an all-time favorite Aventura Clothing piece?

That’s a tough one, but either the Arden jacket or the Samba pants. I do love my basic Adele Tank Top though. See, it’s tough!

What are some pieces from the Fall 2023 Collection you are looking forward to?

Arlington Shirt

Roma Traveler Pant

Rhyder Pant

Stanwick Sweater