Meet Aventura Ambassador Jamie Fuller


Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller is mom extraordinaire, not only raising four children but homeschooling them as well! As a self-proclaimed introvert “who much preferred reading to running around outside or going places with lots of people,” her blog explores how it is to live and dress beautifully in a household of chaos.

The blog Mommy in Flats began as a fun project to explore fashion and Jamie’s passion for writing but has grown, evolved, and been recognized nationally since. In 2022, she was even awarded the #5 spot on the Top 60 Mom Fashion Blogs and Websites list!

Jamie Fuller and her four kids sitting on porch.

While fashion and family are clear bonds between Aventura and Mommy in Flats, it’s also Jamie’s commitment to sustainability that endears her to us when we met in 2018.

“​​Sustainability is important to me because as a Christian, it is important that we value the gifts God has given us and it’s important to be responsible when we shop and in our everyday lives.”

Jamie on porch in bathing suit.

Why is fashion so important to you?

I think as a stay-at-home mom (especially one who homeschools) there is a big temptation to fall into the leggings and t-shirt rut. But, getting dressed in real clothes can make such a huge difference in how I feel, which spills into all areas of my life. Anything that makes me feel better helps me be a more productive wife, mother, and heck just a better overall adult.

Which core value of Aventura speaks to you the most: sustainable fibers, fair trade production, women’s empowerment, or family values?

Family values are very important to me as a homeschooling mama. I love that they are a family brand who have worked together to build something beautiful. But, also as a mama, I strive to teach my children responsibility and I have been impressed with Aventura’s commitment to making life better for those who work with them by pursuing fair work conditions in an industry that is full of not-so-ethical practices.

Jamie standing with oldest daughter and family dog.
Jamie standing on sandy beach during sunset.

How does your family encourage or influence your style?

My husband definitely encourages me daily. He always compliments me and never minds that he kinda fell into the role of instahusband as my photographer.

Jamie sitting on porch with her four kids.

How do you balance fashion, fitness, and real-life homeschooling four kids? Any tips for staying sane through all of this?!

Sane? Who said anything about being sane? But, really, I have to say having support-whether it be from family or even my online community- makes a huge difference in my ability to mother. They say it takes a village but I think it takes a village plus a Facebook group, long-distance friends, and local mom groups. I think it’s important to find things you love that balance out the commitment to raising (and in my case teaching) children. Fashion and fitness blogging both give me an outlet outside my role of “mom.” And, anyone who has spent their day relearning both algebra and how to find the area of a trapezoid at the same time, definitely needs an outlet.

Jamie standing in living room wearing green Aventura dress.

What stands out to you when you wear an Aventura Clothing piece?

I love the easy style and high-quality fabrics Aventura uses. It makes me feel good to wear things that fit and last! I have many pieces from that first collaboration we did in 2017 that I still wear and some I’ve passed along to my oldest daughter.

Do you have an all-time favorite Aventura Clothing piece?

The Topanga dress. I still have it hanging in my closet and have fond memories of the time us Aventura girls got together for a blog hop!

Jamie standing on old porch wearing striped Topanga dress in white with hands in pockets.
Jamie standing on old porch wearing striped Topanga dress in white.
Back view of Jamie in Topanga striped dress.
Jamie's signature with heart.